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Sony Xperia E5 16GB White, Black, Pink - We Sell mobile Phones

Sony Xperia E5 16GB White, Black, Pink


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1 X Sony Xperia E5 
1 X Charging Cable



All our Phones, Tablets, Classified as  Grade A/B are generally in good condition please expect some slight cosmetic blemishes fully Working order battery tested.

6 Months Warranty.

If any of our Phones, Tablets, (classified as Grade C) please expect visible Scratches, Marks, Dents but will be fully functional and still covers the warranty.

This Pre Owned device has been tested and verified by a third party to ensure it is fully functional and ready for use. We've made sure that the quality control process includes product functionality testing, as well as ensuring its battery life meets our high standards all are products tested before dispatch.



Up to two days power from one charge

Two cameras that won't let you down

Save battery life with Smart Cleaner

Get expert guidance with Xperia Tip

Don't let battery life hold you back


Forgotten your charger? No worries. With the Xperia E5's great battery and Stamina mode, your phone could last up to two days between charges. So you can carry on doing what you love, for longer.


Two cameras that won't let you down

No need to carry around heavy equipment for the perfect photo. With a 13 megapixel camera and Auto Scene Recognition, you'll be taking high-quality snaps wherever you go. Its Smart Capture feature can track a moving object while you're taking a photo, so you'll get sharp pictures every time. And there's a 5-megapixel front camera for when you just can't resist a selfie.

Let Smart Cleaner do the legwork


Don't waste your time closing down all your apps to make your battery last longer. The Smart Cleaner app will do that for you. So you have time for the important things. Like taking photos of your meals to show off your cooking. Or optimistically checking the weather, even when you can see it's raining.


Get to grips with your new phone

The Sony Xperia E5 is packed with clever features. Like adding multiple user profiles to separate your work life from home. And a search bar to help you find your apps quickly. So we don't want you to miss a thing. Let Xperia Tips guide you round your new phone and help you make the most of it, every day.

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